TTCIH management wish to congratulate you all that you have been selected to join TTCIH for 2017/2018 academic year. Please NOTE that your admission is pending to NACTE verification which will be done through Central Admission System (CAS). All selected applicants will have to pay NACTE verification fee of NON-REFUNDABLE 20,000/=TSH to TTCIH Account CRDB 01J1022391201. The deadline for payment of NACTE registration fee is 8th September,2017 and the verified list will be released by 15th September, 2017. This list will then be mailed with the joining instructions for 2017/2018 academic year. Send the scanned deposit slip, O-Level certificate, Basic Certificate in Clinical Medicne and Diploma in Clinical Medi​cine  to:

  1. Ordinary Diploma in Clinical medicine 
  2. Distance Education Diploma in Clinical Medicine
  3. Advanced Diploma in Clinical Medicine

For more information contact  Denis Nganda 0784 150 779

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