Frequently Asked Questions

Does the TTCIH collaborate with other institutions/universities to facilitate courses in Ifakara?

Yes, click here for more information 

Do I need a visa to travel to Tanzania?

Yes, but there are exceptions. Please visit visa and consular matters.

Which international airlines fly to Tanzania?

KLM, Swiss Air, British Airways, Emirates etc.

Do I need foreign (travel) health insurance?

Please contact your personal insurance company to check.

What is needed to protect oneself against the common tropical diseases: Vaccination, malaria prophylaxis etc?

If you come from malaria free zones then malaria prophylaxis is strongly recommended. We also recommend rabies and yellow fever vaccination before coming to Ifakara.

Are there safe affordable hotels in Dar es Salaam?

Yes. Please visit our travel page for links to hotels in Dar es Salaam which we
recommend >>

Is there a shuttle from the airport to the hotels?

Some hotels do have shuttles from the airport. In case they have, we will arrange that the shuttle picks you up at the airport, if you inform us about your flight number and arrival time. Otherwise we can arrange for a taxi to transport you from the airport.

Do the hotels in Dar es Salaam take VISA/MC?

Some hotels do take Visa/MCard. Please contact the hotel in advance or check on our site with our recommended hotels

Can I change money in Ifakara?

Yes, there is a local bank that can change US Dollars. However we strongly suggest that you change your money in Dar es Salaam. Check the current exchange rates >>

What is the best way to travel to Ifakara from Dar es Salaam?

We recommend for your course participants to travel as a group to Ifakara by coach that we can arrange for you. Otherwise there is the Tanzania-Zambia railway train that we can also organize for you. Please send an email to: for further details

Can I fly to Ifakara from Dar es Salaam?

Yes. Please click here for more information

Is there accommodation at the training centre?

Yes. Please visit our accommodation page to view our rooms and hospitality services in Ifakara

Does the TTCIH take VISA/MC?

No. We accept US dollars and Tanzanian Shillings. However you will not need any big amounts of money during your stay as most of the services are already payed with the course fee. Please send an email to: for further details.

Is there a security safe where I can store my valuables?

Yes, we have a central safe at the reception desk under surveillance 24/7.

Do you have laundry services in Ifakara?

Yes. Follow this link for laundry rates >>

Is there high speed internet access?

Yes, almost all of our buildings are wired for internet access. We also have wireless internet access in our seminar rooms.

Is there cellular phone reception in Ifakara?

Yes, all the major networks (Airtel, Vodacom, Tigo) are accessible in Ifakara. We offer SIM cards and pre-paid card services with domestic rates at our reception desk if required.

Are there insecticide treated bed nets in all your rooms?

Yes. The insecticide is not harmful to human beings. It has been inspected by the Tanzanian Bureau of Standards and the Swiss Tropical Institute.

How are the rooms for accommodation on the TTCIH campus equipped?

We have 18 rooms that have hot water,TV and wireless internet access.  But no phones, minibar, in the rooms.

Are there sports facilities in Ifakara?

Yes, TTCIH has a soccer pitch and outdoor volley ball. There is also a swimming pool ($1 per day per person if used) for water recreation.

In case of medical emergencies is there hospital emergency care?

Yes, we have first aid kits and a district hospital in our compound for medical emergencies.

Do you organize excursions/recreations outside the centre?

No. Please click here for links to various registered tour operators in Tanzania >>

What about recreation within Ifakara?

There are various local bars and restaurants that the local staff can suggest in Ifakara

Which clothing is appropriate in which season?

There are 3 seasons (dry, short rain, long rain) in Ifakara but it is warm throughout the whole year except June and July. Light cotton clothes are recommended. However during the rainy season (January-April) bring boots.

What is a good way to commute around Ifakara?

Cycling is the preferred mode of transport around the area. There are plenty of bicycle rental locations. Remember to cycle on the left side of the road and move with traffic to avoid collisions with other cyclists.

Does the TTCIH provide stationery services?

Yes, click here for a price list >>

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